How to Pick the Perfect Survival Knife


For survival out in the wild to be a smooth sail, you will need to carry a couple of items. Adventure is a huge part of most of us, and we can’t imagine living without it. It adds thrill even to a broken spirit. The fun begins when you find the best of everything you need for your survival trip. Making it a habit will help you in most areas of your life. It will be possible to tackle the tricky and most dangerous situations of your life. A survival knife is one of the handiest tools. Here’s how to pick the best there is.


survival knife

Firm Handle

There is nothing as frustrating and uncomfortable as using a knife with a grip that isn’t stable. To avoid this, pick a survival knife whose handle is substantial. This way, you will be able to count on it even in the most trying of situations. However, you will need to look far and wide to land one that will prove to be durable.

Your sources should be able to lead you towards the right location. For instance, guidelines on what to expect are more than welcome, especially to the newbie. Picking the right survival knife is crucial and needs to be accorded all due attention. A firm handle will enable you to tackle all the adventures you can master.


Proper Size

How awkward can it get to go on a survival trip with a kitchen knife? Embarrassing, that’s for sure. The right size of a survival knife can be determined by its ability to fit in your pocket and other places. It means that you can carry it along without fear of losing it. The right size also means that you won’t run the risk of losing it under the unsafest of circumstances. This is one of the most sensitive factors that should never be overlooked at any point. With a survival knife of the right size, you are sure to enjoy your adventure to the fullest.


The Metal of the Blade

No matter how long you have been on the adventure scene, this has to get to you at times. Deciding between stainless steel and other metals is an energy-sapping venture. It’s also tricky because once you pick it, going back on your decision is impossible. You have to stick to what you have chosen so you’ll have to take your time.

As much as possible, do plenty of research and have real reasons why your decision is final. Experts advise on the importance of carbon blades for some ideas. They are said to be durable and more effective than their stainless steel counterparts.


knife comparison

Knife Sheath

Not much attention is paid to this factor but that is a common mistake. Imagine carrying around a knife without some protective coat or covering. You could easily get hurt among other dire consequences. The fun and thrill don’t end there. You also have to check on the material used in the making of the sheath. The quality will see to it that you won’t have to replace it from time to time. It will serve you longer than you could imagine.